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I found Facebook, and have been doing most of my posting there lately. Just boring little updates, but still... I AM reading LJ daily, and commenting when I can, I just don't post much here any more.
So, what's going on in my world these days...
The boys turn 3 Wednesday. Time sure flies, let me tell you. We had their birthday party yesterday, since the folks will be in Memphis next weekend, for the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival. The kids and I are not going this year. Too much chaos, too many people in dad's small house, and too much rain. (Memphis in May is also known as Memphis in MUD). Anyway, the boys got a sand and water table (no sand just yet, though. Jesse would eat it), some toy trucks, adorable jammies from our neighbors, and some sidewalk chalk. Papa, my 98 year old grandpa, bought the boys each a large stuffed bunny for their birthdays, too. It's so great that at 98, he still gets around, and drives, and shops, and lives on his own. I hope I'm in as good of shape, when I'm half his age. There will be more to come on Wednesday, but this was a good start.
Dad is still job hunting. Has a couple of decent interviews. The job we really want for him, will be making a decision this week. Cross you fingers for him, please. If he gets this job, they can stay inmemphis. Otherwise, by the end of May, the townhouse will be on the market, and he'll be moving back here. This house is NOT big enough for 3 adults and 3 kids. Not to mention all the pets.
Speaking of pets... the chinchillas are moving on to new homes this week. I just don't have time to devote to them like they deserve. We are also looking for a new home for Tripp. Any one interested in a 7 month old male Doxie? He's neutered, UTD on all his shots, mostly crate trained and mostly house broken. He LOVES other dogs, and thinks cats are play toys. He's GREAT with kids, too. I'm asking $150 for him, cause I've invested so much into him alreasy. He really needs a fenced yard, which we don't, and can't have, because of subdivision rules.
I guess that's it, fo now. More later, or just friend me on Facebook.
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