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I usually don't do this, but I need some help. Actually... my whole family needs help.
After looking for over 14 months, my dad finally found a job this past April, in South Carolina. Well, he lost that job Friday, 2 weeks after signing the 1 year lease on his new apartment. They have not sold or rented out the house in Memphis yet, plus, of course, the mortgatge on this house. That makes 3 house payments due, on no income.
To make matters even worse, the company in South Carolina is threatening to sue dad for more than $12,000 in expenses they laid out for him over the past 6 weeks. My folks have an appointment with an attorney next week, to see what they can do about the $12,000 bill. More money going out, with no money coming in.
Please, if you have it to spare, send some prosperity and just general positive energy to my parents, and the rest of us. It's a really down and scary time for us right now. (And, if you happen to know any "get money quick" spells or tricks, send them our way, please. Rent is due in 10 days, the mortgages in 20.)
Thank you!
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