Duckee (mamaduckers) wrote,

Calling all St Louis folks

I am in serious need of a cheap (under $1100) new (to me) vehicle. My van is currently sitting in a parking lot, 1/2 a mile down the road, where it died on us (me and all 3 kids) this afternoon, for what I fear is the last time.
Please keep your eyes and ears open for anything that might meet my requirements, which are...
1)Must run
2)Must be able to pass all Missouri state inspections
3)Must be safe
4)Must be a 4 door, or a van (will make an exception for an ex-cab truck)
5)Must not need extensive or expensive repair work

I know, I'm asking for a miracle, here, but you never know, until you ask. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, even if all you can do is offer positive energies towards my goal.
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